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Are you a Marketing Consultant looking for a web agency who can support your clients?

Do you find yourself running around trying to finalise website projects but for minimal return?

Or, do you find your clients just simply can’t afford agency-built websites and resort to building their own sites?

We have the solution. Agency-built websites from just £35 per month

What is Angle Affordable?

Angle Affordable is the sister brand of Angle brand & Web agency.Angle Affordable was created after receiving enquiries from small businesses not looking for bespoke and costly websites but the peace of mind they will receive support from a web agency.

We want to support as many businesses as possible. And if we can do this through creating an affordable website and simply being nice, that sits well with us. Not every business requires a bespoke website and often a simple brochure website is sufficient, this is where Angle Affordable can help.

We will do all the hard work like building the website and populating it with content, so you and your client’s lives are as stress free and simple as we can make it.

How are we working to support Marketing Consultants?

We are aware that many Marketing Consultants help their clients to create websites as part of their service but we also know that creating a website can often become costly and timely for everyone involved, we want to make the experience of creating a website as easy, stress free and as quick as we can.

Angle Affordable will be able to give you the full tech support of an agency while remaining affordable. This can also enable you (the Marketing Consultant) to add your bit on top, if you want to of course!

Why is Angle Affordable a good fit for Marketing Consultants?

You are savvy when it comes to websites. We can offer a 1 hour intro to Angle Affordable, why we have it, how it works and what value it can bring to your business and your clients’ businesses.

- Peace of mind that you have an agency supporting your clients

- On-demand tech support

- Full CMS training so you know exactly how to use and update the website

- You will be appointed a friendly project manager to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard

- It won’t break the bank

- Helps ease your customers’ cash-flow

- As your client grows the website can grow with them

Do we work with your clients or with you?

We’d prefer to work with you. However, we do appreciate that this can not always be the case so we aren’t fussy.

So what about the cost?

The websites start at £35 per month or £350 per annum without any customisation (Read below for a bit more on this)

We also charge a small set up fee of £150.

Costs may vary due to customisation.

Customising your websites

We offer the opportunity to customise your websites with a multitude of add ons ranging from a social media live feed to ecommerce and CRM integrations. Our addons start for free and then increase in price depending on the complexity of the add-on and the service required.

Your training and introduction to Angle Affordable

If you are interested in working with Angle as your outsource agency we would love to meet you! Once you get in touch we would love for you to come into the agency to meet the team and also to be introduced to Angle Affordable, how it works and the options available to you and your clients. Then, you will be prepared and informed to really help your clients, knowing that everything will be looked after by web professionals.

We are always open

The agency is open 5 days a week all year around (excluding bank holidays and Christmas week).

Freelancers have to take time off but at Angle your work will always be covered.

The process

Once you are properly signed up with Angle Affordable you will be given a personalised URL. This is just so we know any orders that have been placed using this URL are yours.

As we pick up your orders a dedicated project manager will be in touch to ensure your project runs smoothly and you always have a reliable point of contact, should you need it.

On-demand tech support.

We pride ourselves on our continued customer satisfaction, for this reason we always have a dedicated team of developers on hand to support you with all your techy questions!

Is there a catch?

There’s no catch.

We only ask for a minimum term of 12 months for each website (this only applies if your clients opt to pay monthly) but you’ll love your new website so much you won’t want to leave anyway!

Other terms can be negotiable and we are happy to discuss these further and if you are introducing us to many clients we are happy to negotiated a discount deal.

If this is of interest and you would like to discuss further, please call 01304 897330 or email

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